nanny turkey Is your babysitter, nanny, housekeeper has a diplom / certificate?
Yes, many of our staff has studied / joined courses about related fields and they have certification for babysitting, childminding, housekeeping, nursery, etc.

Besides, whole of our babysitters/ nannies has their own child(ren) and they have huge experience from this side. We call this " life school experience". We believe mothership has a common language all of the world, and all mothers know how to care about a child.
nanny turkey Do you have references?
We have provided services for more than 300.000 families into last 15 years, most of them was business man, CEO's of companies, diplomatist of embassies, lecturers, professors of universities etc. Please click page of " references " and " reviews " to read name of some of the companies, associations, embassies we had already served and comments from our clients

nanny turkey Can I see fully CV of your staffs and select one which one if I want
No, you can't , first you send us fully details about your needs and specifications of the person you search, we arrange the most suitable one depending on your criterias.
nanny turkey How will we know that our caregiver understands what is required of her?
We will draw up a Work Contract for you and for your caregiver which outlines both her and your commitments, duties and requirements. The contract also describes the details of the caregiver’s hours of work, her duties, payment schedule, benefits and deductions and other relevant information tailored to your specific needs.
nanny turkey What if things don’t work out?
Rest assured that one of our strengths is an excellent placement guarantee. We offer customized solutions based on your family’s needs and pride ourselves in always finding a way to remedy a potential problem. If you require a replacement for your caregiver, we have one of the best and most competitive placement-guarantees in the business. Please contact us for further information.
nanny turkey What about if I do not like the person you sent? can I change him / her or can I cancel my booking?
Yes, if you do not like / enjoy the person we sent , you can ask an another staff for coming day(s) or you can cancel your reservation. The wage of first working day must be paid in each case !
nanny turkey Do you do background checks of your caregivers?
Yes, we recruit candidates after a deep control about state criminal history, driving record checks and sexual offender searches, each member of our team is trustworthy person and has long experience and many thanks letter from parents.
nanny turkey I will stay in a hotel, must I pay for hotel if I invite your babysitter inside of hotel and stay with us?
in Turkey whole of hotels are asking extra payment for visitors ( babysitter, your friend etc if whoever), if you want our child minder to stay with you inside hotel, you need to pay extra cost for hotel.
nanny turkey What is other expenses I need to pay to hire a babysitter, nanny, housekeeper etc?
You do not need to pay additional expense(s) as VAT, transport, work permission etc. for hiring a person from us. All transactions will be done / covered by our company.
nanny turkey Do I need a contract for hiring a person ( babysitter, nanny, housekeeper ) from you?
For hourly, daily hiring no contract required, for long-duration rental / emplooying a contract must be sign between parties

nanny turkey What is a babysitter?
Babysitting is the practice of temporarily caring for a child. Babysitting is commonly performed as a job by teenagers for extra money.
nanny turkey What responsibilities does a babysitter have?
Babysitting responsibilities can include: Cooking/feeding, Light housekeeping, Laundry, Changing diapers, Preparing bottles, Transportation (bringing the kids to soccer practice, picking them up from school, etc.)
Helping with homework, Making snacks, Getting the kids ready for bed, Playtime/lessons (reading to them, doing crafts, etc.)
nanny turkey What is the difference between a babysitter and a nanny?
It can be confusing for both families looking to hire a sitter and caregivers searching for jobs. Here's a look at how we would define the roles. Generally, babysitters care for children of any age who are in need of supervision for a few short hours. Most sitters will work either by specific occasion or on a regular schedule (after-school babysitters, date night babysitters and weekend babysitters are common). Their main tasks are watching the kids, playing with them and maybe putting them to bed. A nanny is someone who is fully invested in a child's development and well-being. Generally, a nanny will care for children full-time while both parents work. It's a nanny's responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth in the children they care for. Most nannies will be tasked with preparing meals, helping with household work (dishes, laundry, etc.), driving the children to and from activities and assisting with homework.
nanny turkey How much does it cost to hire a nanny, baby, housekeeper, caregiver etc?
We usually publish a standart prices for for most of the cities, provinces, please visit " prices " page to read more informations about approximately cost for renting a person
nanny turkey What to do to hire a caregiver person from your agency?
Please visit " reservation ", fill answer of requested questions and send us, we will reply you as soon as possible quickly